Once upon a time in old Hull, a bustling working-class city know throughout Quebec as “Little Chicago”, there was a young man who decided to start a newspaper. The newspaper founded by Joseph Jolicoeur, Le Progrès de Hull, would chronicle he growth ans evolution of hull for close to 50 years, while offering the local population an ever expanding variety of printing services.









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A respected historian from the Outaouais region once stated, “all the important events in the history of hull from 1924 to 1972 appeared at ob tune in the oresses of Imprimerie du Progrès.” In 1972, the founders and owners og the newspapers decided to cease publication and focus solely on the printing of the business.


Overs the years, Imprimerie du Progrès has become a cornerstone of the commercial printing industry in the Outaouais, rising above the competition thanks to its long tradition of excellence, and by creating a strong sense og partnership with its clients. At Imprimerie du Progrès, we recognize the importance of understanding our clients’ needs. Wr meet the industry’s highest standards, offering the same high quality of service to all our clients, whether they are large or small, and whether their request is urgent, or not so urgent. At Imprimerie du Progrès, we offers all our clientes straightforward, effective options designed to suit any budget.


As a company that sets the standard in its industry, Imprimerie du Progrès is proud of its state-of-the-art equipment, and a top notch staff that allows the firm to take on any challenge. You will always find someone who can respond to your question, competently and courteously


Of course, it takes more than offset presses and laser printer to become a leading printing company. Know-how, expertise, talent, creativity and taste for challenging assignments are all key attributes that can turn a printing job into an artistic achievement, It is these qualities that make the staff at imprimerie du Progrès tru craftspeople.


When you do business with imprimerie du Progrès you benefit from our employees’ combined total more than 200 years of experience and ‘pride of workmanship”. You also benefit from the collective experience of four generations of business people who have always cared deeply about the economic and social development of our community, and the success of our clients.


As you can see from our corporate history and our company’s name, Imprimerie du Progrès is determined to continue to be an essential elements in our clients’ progress, and in the overall progress of our region.


For more than 90 years, we have been helping clients polish their image. Let us use our expertise to help you make a “good impression”!


Joseph Jolicoeur, Fondateur du journal Le Progrès

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